Morpheus is the Greek god of dreams. He shaped and influenced the dreams of gods, heroes, kings, and mortals. The derivative of his name is also the name of a medicinal treatment that relieves pain and yet is incredibly addictive.  

We are a Morphine tribute band in Colorado. Enchanted, beguiled, and inspired by the 'low-rock' songs of the 1990s alternative rock band Morphine, we strive to bring that sonic experience to you. 

Morpheus Dreaming is a reverie from a trio of seasoned musicians who have come together to bring these sounds into musical wakefulness. Brian, Doug and Tim combine decades of jazz, blues and rock experiences into a sound that blurs all three genres into one. 

 We call ourselves "Morpheus Dreaming - a Tribute to Morphine and Beyond". The "and beyond" means we also play other rock and pop covers in a 'low-rock' style. Want to hear how Black Sabbath's Paranoid or Billy Idol's Rebel Yell or Tom Petty's Runnin' Down a Dream can sound with sax, slide bass, and drums? That's the dream state Morpheus Dreaming plays in.  

The music of Morpheus Dreaming is a unique cocktail of baritone sax, 2-string slide bass, drums, and low vocals. A jazzy, bluesy, alternative rock, beat sound. A film noir vision made for your ears. It is where the three of us like to dream. Come dream with us.